Administrative Processes Review

Customized Solutions For Higher Education

On every campus, many different offices perform many different processes and procedures. While these offices rely on the same databases for information, they often operate in silos, with very little communication among them. Much of what they do may be redundant, repeating processes in two or more departments. “That’s the way we’ve always done it,” may be the culture in too many units of your campus.

Through our assessment, we identify those processes and procedures that are obstacles to effective operation.  We recommend new approaches, and monitor departmental activities for improvement. Your staff will learn efficient methodologies so that their time will be spent to its best advantage.

In many institutions, various departments exist in their own silos, with little communication between them. Our supplemental staff can in a short time bridge the gaps between  departments and assure that common users of technology have common goals, employ common practices, and use technology  resources in the most cost-efficient manner.

As higher education increasingly faces challenges like rising costs, diminishing resources, and higher expectations for service excellence and accountability, leaders around the world are looking for ways to improve, and sometimes transform, their institutions. Streamlining the daily activities of your administrative offices can improve their productivity and save time and money.