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Dr. Byrne brings special expertise in the critically important area of outcomes assessment, both at institutional and student levels. Barbara not only brings breadth and depth in assessment, but invaluable insights and disciple into integrating assessment in a logical and systematic manner that will expertly prepare institutions for this demanding side of accreditation. She has lived it and knows the many sides of the assessment equation -- she will improve any institution's assessment strategies and outcome.
Dr. Anthony DiStefano
Dean and Vice President, Salus University

Dr. Barbara Byrne worked with faculty at my institution and was remarkably effective at generating strong positive outcomes for several significant projects over three years. She consulted with the University over an 18-month period resulting in the development of an institutional Academic Master Plan. She assisted with planning the initiative, and also played a key role in implementation, acting as liaison between faculty and administrative representatives; in addition she was the primary author of the final plan, effectively chronicling the findings of the faculty task forces who developed the contents of the plan. She interacted directly with Faculty in developing a Shared Governance Statement, that was effective in dramatically clarifying the University’s governance relationships. The Statement was approved by the Board. She also worked on a major Handbook revisions, interacting with the Faculty Affairs Committee to develop a much more coherent document. Dr. Byrne has a great deal of experience in faculty relations, and coupled with her understanding of the higher education enterprise, makes her positioned to be a strong partner in moving academic initiatives forward strongly and positively. Her interpersonal skills are very strong, and she has strong skills in moving initiatives forward with concrete outcomes as the primary driver.
Dr. Brian McAulay
President, Parker University

“In the fall of 2012, Fairfield University began moving from outsourcing our ERP to operating it entirely in house. Lepore and Associates was crucial in both determining to make the move and in helping us in the transition as we searched for a CIO. The analysis and documentation that Lepore and Associates provided us left us solidly set up to move forward. Pat Lepore evaluated our entire IT staff and helped us identify the major transition concerns we needed to address. Our campus now has much greater confidence in our IT department and support for their efforts. After their initial work, Lepore and Associates continued to guide us and at times coordinate the day-to-day activities of our IT operation before the new CIO came onboard. I will call upon Lepore and Associates for any future needs.”
Juile L. Dolan
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, Fairfield University

“Typical of Lepore and his team, they understood that there were limited resources that could be applied to the strategic goals in his area. They selected by priority the key and most logical projects and initiatives, and using team-based tactics, forged remarkable progress on the strategic direction, that met or exceeded our needs, and enabled us to outperform our competition.”
Philip P. Gerbino
Pharm.D., President Emeritus, University of the Sciences

“Pat Lepore and his team helped me quickly transition to the role of CIO for Fairfield University. Their analysis and reports were substantial aids to my own assessment and allowed me to quickly assume full responsibility and control of the entire IT operation.”
Paige Francis
Chief Information Officer, Fairfield University

“Mignon Adams led my library staff in an energizing workshop that resulted in determining new directions for the library and new roles for the library staff. She worked with me ahead of time to plan the workshop, and was available later to listen to my ideas and affirm my convictions.”
Ana E. Fontoura
Dean, Gill Library, The College of New Rochelle

“Lepore and his team oversaw the growth of Technology at USciences. They subsequently led the university’s Operations team and revamped the Facilities, Security, Dining and Business Services units. Their leadership … was vital to the transformation of the school from a small college to a growing university … reshaping both the organizational units as well as the culture of the university. Lepore has an innate sense for picking the right people as well as the ability to bring them along to realize their full potential.”
John M. Masciantonio, Executive Director of Information Technology,
University of the Sciences