Academic Assessment and Development

Customized Solutions For Higher Education

Accrediting agencies, both regional and specialized, have imposed significant requirements for institutions to meet standards of assessment of student learning outcomes and of institutional effectiveness.  We can bring you expertise in developing and implementing broad institutional effectiveness assessment plans and assessment plans that focus on student learning outcomes. 

We can also help develop and implement plans for periodic review of academic and support programs.  These may be current programs that need to be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency, or new programs that you might be contemplating.

For new programs especially we can help you develop both curricular and business or financial plans with specific goals and objectives.  We can help you predict the viability of proposed programs.  If you are contemplating or implementing a significant expansion of programs, we can bring you experience in planning for and supporting simultaneous establishment of several new programs.

Accreditation activities, including site team visits, can be stressful.  We have extensive experience on both the institutional and accrediting agency side that can help you through the activities from beginning to end.  While the success is ultimately up to you, we can help you understand the expectations of accreditors and how best to prepare for a self-study or a team visit.  We can bring a fresh perspective, coming with no preconceived ideas or hidden agendas.

We can help with the planning of the self-study, writing an effective self-study,  or reviewing and providing feedback on those you have written.  With our assistance, you can plan an effective site visit that will provide the reviewers with important access to your constituents and highlight your achievements.


Faculty Effectiveness


Faculty members are often unsure about their role in governance and decision-making. Their roles can be more effective when there are good communication, participation in a functioning governance system, and well-developed policies.

On some campuses faculty members and administrators find it difficult to talk and listen to each other.  When this happens, the institution cannot move forward effectively.  We have experience facilitating discussions between faculty members and administrators when there are areas of conflict and lack of trust and can propose potential next steps to improve communication and functioning.

Your institution may need to assess the effectiveness of its faculty governance structure and practices.  We can bring an uninvolved voice to the discussions and facilitate progress on determining how effective your current structure and practices are and how they might be improved.

If your faculty handbook is in need of major or minor revisions we can help you develop and implement a process to review and revise the handbook.  We can also help develop a regular process of review once the handbook is revised.


Program Development


Colleges and universities have seen a lessening demand for some traditional programs, and a need for new curricula for a changing world.

While you may have plans for expanding and diversifying your programmatic offerings, you may not have the expertise to do the groundwork needed for successful introduction of new programs.  We can help you with environmental scans that speak to the likely viability of proposed programs, curricular development for the new programs, assessment plans, and business plans.

Online programs are multiplying but they are costly to create. We can assist you in making important decisions, ranging from determining the costs of a quality program to the selection of an appropriate learning management system. Current faculty members, with sufficient support and training, can accept an online environment  and flourish in it. Our team is knowledgeable about the best practices in distance education experience and can contribute our expertise in planning for a sustainable online program.