Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

We begin with an assessment: how does your institution work now? We ask critical questions to determine how your organization manages its goals and its overall performance.

The process of answering the questions helps you to:

  • Align your resources efficiently with institutional goals.
  • Identify the existing strengths in order to build on them.
  • Focus on those areas that need improvement.
  • Understand barriers, cultural and procedural, that are keeping your staff members from being all they can be.

Essential areas that we investigate include:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Customer service orientation
  • Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management
  • Workforce culture and procedures
  • Operations workflow
  • Results

Your outcomes will be:

  • You provide ever-improving value to your students, other customers, and stakeholders,
  • You improve your organization's overall effectiveness and capability.
  • Your workforce members will have improved communication, productivity, and effectiveness.
  • You will achieve your strategic goals.

Our team of professionals has the experience and training to...

Assess, Analyze, and Report

Administrative processes and programs:

  • Financial aid
  • Fund raising/Development
  • Potential business opportunities
  • Data mining and executive reporting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Assessment of institutional effectiveness
  • Administrative policies and procedures
  • Faculty and administrative relationship building


  • Processes
  • ERP
  • Security

Evaluate, Train, and Mentor

  • Facilitate workshops
  • Governance issues
  • Campus leadership
  • Board members

What We Do

Technology Assessments

Today's technology is creating increased demand and changes in the expectations, consumption, and delivery of services. In addition, technology that was new ten or more years ago has become obsolete and requires investment to replace or renew.
Technology Assessments

IT Security Posture And Planning

There isn’t a more important function of IT today than information security. With security breaches, malware and ransomware attacks, and intrusions on information privacy at all time highs it is critical to assess the current IT security program.
IT Security Posture And Planning