Technology Support And Assessment

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Technology costs represent one of the largest categories in a campus budget. Astute leaders know that careful oversight of these expenses can ensure the best return on their large investment in them. We can help you to examine your costs now, and also make reliable decisions on future costly purchases.

We have expertise in all the major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the integrated systems that maintain the databases for financial and student information. Because we do not have financial ties to any of the systems, we can represent YOUR interests when dealing with these providers, their vendors, service firms, and other involved third-party vendors.

We can also assess the use of your ERP on campus. Is your ERP being used effectively? Are all users trained appropriately so that they understand and use their particular part of the ERP? Are all the features that you bought and paid for being used to their best advantage? We provide the answers, and then advise you on the improvements that should be made.

What about your IT staff? Are all members trained at the appropriate level, and performing at a level to meet your goals? Practices that were “best” when someone was hired may no longer be. We evaluate your staff to see if training or coaching will bring their performance to where it should be.

If it is necessary to replace staff, our contacts among IT personnel nationwide can assist you in finding the right person to fill a position.
Most institutions are currently finding a need to trim budget. In attempts to achieve more with less, you may find that you are actually doing less for more. Our informed perspective lets us examine business processes objectively...and recommendations that come from the outside rather than from co-workers or supervisors may be accepted more easily.

What We Do

Technology Assessments

Today's technology is creating increased demand and changes in the expectations, consumption, and delivery of services. In addition, technology that was new ten or more years ago has become obsolete and requires investment to replace or renew.
Technology Assessments

IT Security Posture And Planning

There isn’t a more important function of IT today than information security. With security breaches, malware and ransomware attacks, and intrusions on information privacy at all time highs it is critical to assess the current IT security program.
IT Security Posture And Planning